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How to Use BlackBerry 10 as Mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot

Having the ability to instantly transform our BlackBerry device into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot can certainly come in handy. Imagine we are on the move and have even occasionally need to access the web via a laptop or a tablet, unless, in the latter case, do not use a playbook as this is possible with the BlackBerry Bridge . Let’s start by saying that the Mobile Hotspot feature is able to transform our BlackBerry 10 smartphone into a Wi-Fi HotSpot and share your internet connection with other devices.

To use BlackBerry 10 as Mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot is very easy and just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the icon ‘Settings‘;
  • Select ‘Network Connections‘;
  • Click on ‘Mobile Hotspot‘;
  • Click in the upper right corner on ‘Next‘ to finish the activation;

You can set a password to guarantee that only people you know are able to use our connection. In addition, we will notify the amount of data sent and received in order to monitor the consumption and avoid unwanted charges.

Customizing BBM PIN with BlackBerry 10?

We know we do not tell you anything new by saying that the BlackBerry is pushing a lot on your messaging service BBM. We know it has already sent to a small group of beta testers, the invitation to try the sponsored listings as explained in our article. Obviously the BBM team is already looking forward to see in what other ways to monetize this free service.

One of these is the possibility of being able to customize our PIN. Instead of having a ‘ code ‘ alpha numeric PIN you might have a completely customized. For example, instead of having a PIN 11BBB22 you could customize it BBCINTA. If you ever will be introduced this option, it will be a paid service.

In recent days, BlackBerry has carried out a survey in this regard, asking its users the availability or not to pay for such a service. Currently the poll is already closed and we do not know the final results. They also do not know whether or not it intends to activate the BlackBerry service and the cost will be annual or one-off. We’ll see if in the near future there will be further developments.

BlackBerry Announces BBM for the Windows Phone and Nokia X

Today started the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which is also involved with two BlackBerry booth hoping to witness the release of many new features. The first is related to BBM which will soon be available for Widnows Phone and Nokia X. This news confirms that BlackBerry is focusing on the instant messaging service extended to various mobile platforms.

After releasing the BBM for Android and iPhone is now time for Windows Phone and Nokia X. This will allow BBM to grow in terms of users is a must that BlackBerry users have known for many years. In the rest of the press release.

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