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Machinarium for Nokia Lumia Now Available in Windows Phone Store

Machinarium for Nokia Lumia is a game that will like much to puzzle lovers, and all those who appreciate the work behind a well done game. This has not only entertaining and fun, and the graphics that can be considered a work of art. After success on other platforms, and have it available on Windows Phone Store.

Here you do not have the reflexes and speed when playing, since Nokia Lumia Machinarium is a game where you must solve lots of puzzles to advance the story of Josef, a robot must return to their city and found Berta with his beloved. You have to take it easy and throw a few hours, which also will be the most entertaining. For lovers of puzzles can be a challenge and a joy to behold.

Machinarium for Nokia Lumia is available for 4.49 euros in Windows Phone Store.

PhotoLab for Nokia Lumia, Amazing Photo Editor for Windows Phone 8

PhotoLab for Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone 8 only devices, is an amazing photo editor that has just been released to the Windows Phone Store, and free. With PhotoLab we can add filters and EFET to our photos, whether taken from our camera or from the gallery, in a really simple way, and we assure you that the result is excellent.

Nokia Lumia PhotoLab has 19 different filters, which will be adding more in future updates, with different settings each, besides being able to combine them to get unique results, and even set some properties like color source and destination, brightness, saturation, etc.. Once just editing, we can share our pictures with a single click on the major social networks, and even enable a Live Tile to see our latest 9 editions or run the application.

PhotoLab for Nokia Lumia – Description :

  • PhotoLab is an amazing editing application that lets you add photo filters and effects to an image.
  • You can select from a variety of 19 filters ( more to come in future updates ) and you can configure each add two instances of a filter and combine them to get amazing images and unique effects.
  • When finished editing, you can save your photo in your gallery or share with other apps and social networks.
  • Also, in settings you can enable secondary live tile showing the last 9 images edited and you can use to launch the app.

PhotoLab Nokia Lumia is available for free on Windows Phone Store.

BlackBerry Announces BBM for the Windows Phone and Nokia X

Today started the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which is also involved with two BlackBerry booth hoping to witness the release of many new features. The first is related to BBM which will soon be available for Widnows Phone and Nokia X. This news confirms that BlackBerry is focusing on the instant messaging service extended to various mobile platforms.

After releasing the BBM for Android and iPhone is now time for Windows Phone and Nokia X. This will allow BBM to grow in terms of users is a must that BlackBerry users have known for many years. In the rest of the press release.

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