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4shared Official App for Windows Phone

4shared for Nokia Lumia, official application is now available for all Windows Phone devices 8.x Another application that expands the list of official applications in Microsoft’s mobile platform, meeting the needs of those using the service 4shared cloud storage. This is a version still in beta state, but contains all special features dedicated to the distribution and search files shared by users.

With Nokia Lumia 4shared for we can access all the data that go up everywhere and can manage ourselves just as easily as from the computer, ie, upload, view, move, copy or delete our documents 4shared. In addition, we can also search for files and even store things in our account to access offline. And, of course, we can copy a link and send it via email, sms or share it on our social networks.

4shared is right for their virtual data warehouse. You can access your files anytime if you need them, making sure they are always safe and secure. What’s more, 4shared makes it easy to securely share content with the world too.


  • Keep all your data with you and access them everywhere
  • Manage your account from your phone as easy as from your computer: upload, view, move, copy or delete your 4shared documents.
  • music, video or any other file Search within 4shared based data, and keep the things you want to access your account even offline.
  • Transmit any media files online. No need to download.
  • Copy link and send it via email, sms or share it on your social networks.

Important note: This is a beta version of 4shared, thus sometimes can cause some errors. Try it today and share your ideas or suggest improvements. Your participation is important and appreciated. Help us set the stage for some exciting features to come!

Nokia Lumia 4shared is available free on Windows Phone Store

Files for Nokia Lumia: Best File Manager for Windows Phone

Files for Nokia Lumia with  Windows Phone 8.1 only, is expected to manage the files that Microsoft officially launches Windows Phone, as already announced a few days ago. And this way is that Windows Phone to other major platforms ahead, as neither Android nor iOS have an official tool of this style and you have to dip into third party applications.

With Files for Nokia Lumia we can access our files from the phone and the SD card, can browse, search and open, share a morally easy, and create new folders to organize your files as you want, without forgetting that we can also copy, move, rename and delete files.

Files is a free application to manage files in Windows Phone, With this Windows Phone Apps you can :

  • Accessing files stored on your phone and SD card
  • Browse, search and open files
  • Share one or more files easily
  • Create folders to organize files
  • Copy, move, rename and delete files

Files for Nokia Lumia is available free in the Windows Phone Store.

Captain America for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone available in Store

Captain America for Nokia Lumia, for Windows Phone 8.x devices, is the new game released by Gameloft that is launched to accompany the release of the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier. In this case we find an action game where you have to lead our team SHIELD with the help of the Avengers.

Something that stands out in Captain America for Nokia Lumia, is that the game’s graphics are totally inspired by the comic itself, which you will delight fans of the superhero, giving the charm with the stories of Marvel. The game features over 100 levels in nine different scenarios and a multiplayer mode, where we can join a clan and fight our opponents. No doubt this is a game that any fan of Captain America can miss.

Captain America for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone is available in Store for free, but only the first two episodes, then 0.99 euros to unlock the full game (introductory offer)

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