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View and Modify Samsung Bada Firmware

A tool that lets you see the firmware of equipment holders Samsung mobile phone with Bada OS is published by a member of the XDA forum.

This tool, which is currently in beta, will allow you to access certain functions with regularly not count. These are:

  • Drag and drop files to the trash
  • Drag and drop files to add the firmware
  • Preview ini file formats, txt, jpg and png
  • View images in a file RC2
  • Replace images in RC2 (must be in bmp format 24bpp)
  • Encrypt and decrypt files (apps_compressed.bin, boot_loader.mbn)

In addition to these features, we also use:

  • KeyUp – KeyDwon: to move up or down
  • Enter: To expand or collapse the node
  • Delete: To delete files or folders

If you would like more information and / or download the application, dale click the following link:

How to Install Java Games on Samsung Wave

If you have downloaded java games to your PC , follow these steps to install on your Samsung Wave:

  • Connect your phone to PC (with USB cable and the option of mass storage (mass storage))
  • Transfers. jar file to your game. It can be any folder, but choose one that is easy to remember, for example, the folder Others
  • Unplug the phone
  • Go to your applications and select “My Files”
  • Go to the directory where you copied the archivo.jar (in this case, Others) and click on the file.
  • Wait 30 seconds 1 minute until the install button
  • Click the install button
  • Go to the Applications screen and search for “Games and more”
  • Here you find your game
  • Depending on the game or application, you need to disable virtual keyboard for touch applications and games and trigger “Fit to screen ” for games / applications with lower resolutions of 800 × 480.

Enjoy the new Java Game on your Samsung Wave

Download and Install Samsung Wave Theme

Samsung Wave users should feel very happy today, because we will bring you content that we have been asking. If you downloaded a theme (with file extension .SMT) to your PC, you should follow the following steps to install them in Samsung Wave:

  • Connects your Samsung Wave to your PC (using a USB cable and with the option of mass storage)
  • Copy *.Smt file to the the Themes folder on Samsung Wave
  • Disconnects the phone from your PC
  • See the applications and select “Settings” -> “Display and Light”-> “Theme”
  • Select the theme and click Install.

Enjoy the new theme on your Samsung Wave!

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