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Android 4.4 KitKat Update for Samsung Galaxy S3

In recent days we started receiving a large number of rumors that the arrival of Android 4.4 KitKat for the Samsung Galaxy S3  was imminent. This time we already have official confirmation of the South Korean company Samsung. Such confirmation has given us to know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will receive the update to Android 4.4 KitKat later this March. This confirmation is great news for owners of this smartphone, which has so far only received the update of the operating system to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

The news was confirmed from the official Facebook account of the division of Samsung Arabia. A user posted a message on the wall of this account by asking Samsung Android 4.4 KitKat update for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the head of the South Korean account confirmed the arrival of the update while adding only have to wait until late March to receive the update. The big question is whether this date includes Europe or whether, instead, holders of a European Galaxy S3 will have to wait longer to receive the same update. What is clear is that the first to receive the upgrade will be the owners of this smartphone in its free version, while users who purchased their smartphone operator under some will have to wait a few weeks to upgrade to the latest version Android.

Since the news has been confirmed only in this way, for the moment we do not have any official additional data that allow us to get an idea of ​​the new features that this update will bring. Still think it is quite clear that the first difference is in the look of the smartphone. Is expected to top notifications bar includes a more modern design ( clear and colorful icons for example), and also both the lock screen and home screen should include a renewed commitment to small changes from Android 4.3 Jelly Bean look. In terms of the inner workings of the smartphone we will probably find a lower battery consumption and greater fluency in the execution of applications.

And is that even though the South Koreans have already launched newer versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (see the Samsung Galaxy S4 or even the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S5), this smartphone is still a modern smartphone that should have no difficulty moving fluently Android 4.4 update KitKat. While the update of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean brought a bunch of problems for the owners of this smartphone, hope that this time Samsung has learned their lesson and never again release an update that may pose problems for users update their smartphone.

Preparing an Android Mobile Phone for Sale

Given the complexity of modern phones, sell a smartphone with Android operating system has become much more complicated than one can imagine. After several months of using a mobile operating system, the most common is that some of our personal data are recorded in the terminal. Also, if we decide to sell our mobile, ideally deliver completely clean as factory came terminal.

Here we indicate the steps that you must follow to prepare an Android phone for sale. This simple tutorial outlines how to back up your data, how to delete the data from the phone and how to restore the phone to its original state. If we plan to give our mobile to another person, we can also be very useful to follow the steps listed below.

First we should start by backing up all our data. This copy may come in handy if you plan to move to another mobile with Android operating system, as this will retain much of the same content as the one we had so far to change terminal. To perform the backup must follow these steps :

First we have to navigate to the application “Settings” from our mobile. It is an application that is located in the application list of the operating system, and is usually depicted with a gear icon.

Once inside this application we find the tab ” Accounts”, and then we click on the option ” Backup and Restore “. Depending on your version of Android, these steps may have certain variants to finish accessing the same menu backup.

Now we just have to activate the option ” Backup ” and automatically most of our data ( applications downloads, saved passwords of WiFi connections, etc ) are saved and associated with your email account to Gmail. As we start in with the same account on our mobile again, this data will be reset automatically.

Once we have made the backup, and we need only restore factory data (ie, leave the phone as when we bought wine ). In this case, the steps are:

From the same screen as in the previous case (Settings, then Accounts and finally Backup and Restore), we click on the option “Factory data reset”. Clicking on this option, the phone automatically all data tells us that we will lose if we continue with the process. To confirm the operation we can only click on the button “Reset device”. After a few minutes, our phone is now ready for sale.

Simple Root Checker for Android

One of the great existential doubts that come with the “new entries” modding is certainly one regarding the success of the procedure root: Did it work? And ‘ everything went according to plan ? To put your mind at rest that these people here, directly from two members of our forum, was born Simple Root Checker.

All can happen to lose the rights to Root. Sometimes due to an OTA, other times for a ” borked flash”, at other times, the fault is simply BusyBox. Simple Root Checker offers the possibility to determine due to the actual presence of the cleared checks permissions Root, Superuser application and proper installation of Busybox, showing also the version. There are also the FAQs addressed mostly to novices Modding, giving them simple answers concerning the nature of the application itself. With an attractive, modern, efficient and intuitive graphical user interface use the services offered by Simple Root Checker will be pure pleasure.

As I anticipated before the application is a collaboration between two users in this forum: Crotan and supertommino, which have also opened a special discussion in case you have questions or problems, for immediate assistance. The application in my opinion is suitable for those people who are approaching for the first time to the world of modding and if problems do not know where to go to look, having said that I think might be useful to save time instead to those who are real ” geeks ” in the industry, and they know exactly where to put your hands.

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