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How to Calibrate Android Battery

The battery is usually one of the weaknesses of any smartphone, regardless of your operating system. The most obvious symptoms of a problematic battery translate into constant reboots mobile and much less than usual autonomy. While it is true that in some cases no choice but to replace the battery, it is possible that we can solve all these problems simply by calibrating the battery of the mobile.

And for that, this time we will focus on the Android mobile operating system. No need to have advanced knowledge in mobile phone to perform this tutorial, since all that is required is to have at hand a mobile and charger to be connected to the stream for as long as necessary.

First we have our phone on, whatever the remaining amount of battery you have.

We connect the charger to the phone and plugged it into the mains. At the time when mobile alert us that the charging is completed successfully, unplugged the charger and turn off the terminal (usually you have to press the lock button for a few seconds for the phone us the option to turn it off ).

Once we have the phone turned off, we must reconnect the charger and have to wait until the battery is fully charged. This we know by turning on the screen (we the charged battery icon appears), and we know also waiting for green lights LED notifications.

With the battery charged again, unplugged the charger and turn on the phone again. Now we have to enter the application settings (located in the application list appears under the gear icon) and click on an option called “Display”. Once in this configuration section, we have to find the option to “screen timeout” to select the maximum time possible (usually 10 minutes).

We return to the main screen of the phone and connect the charger to the phone again. We hope that the battery is fully charged, and if possible, we should try to not turn off the screen at any time.

When the battery is fully charged, unplugged the charger and we can start using the phone normally. We recommend that you return to leave the screen timeout in the number you want. Yes, we must consider one thing : we can not charge the battery until the phone turns itself off when you get to zero percent of autonomy. In that case we will have to just charge the phone normally.

While it is true that this is not a hundred percent effective method, it is a trick that has given quite good results among users who had problems because of the battery.

Indonesian Slang Dictionary App for Android

Do you often use slang words when updating status on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter or when chatting with friends on the Line, WhatsApp or BBM? or maybe you read and find the slang word in everyday life?

Sometimes, we are a little difficult to understand the meaning of the slang words that we find on Facebook, Twitter or suggested by friends while chatting on BBM or Line. Well for your Android mobile phone users, now there is an application that will help you to understand the slang word quickly and easily,  (Kamus Gaul Keren) Cool Dictionary for Android, an application that is simple yet and very easy to use.

With this Android app, we can search for the meaning of slang words in seconds. Applications that will help you in understanding the various slang words that we’ve encountered on Facebook, Twitter, or while chatting with friends, so that will make you look more sociable by friends.

Kamus Gaul Keren for Android App can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store from your Android phone.

New Update BBM for Android v2.1 with BBM Sticker

BlackBerry during the last few hours has started issuing a new and important update to the Android app of its instant messaging service, or Messenger. This new update brings the application to version 2.1, with many small improvements.

On its official blog the manufacturer has also released a short changelog for this latest release of BBM, namely:

  • Ability to download and buy cute sticker directly from BBM Shop
  • Ability to send large files, up to a maximum of 16MB (compared to previous 6MB)
  • Ability to share pictures even in group conversations

Of course, this update brings a few more tweaks that will enable this new service to move further to the user experience offered by WhatsApp. You can download BBM 2.1 from Google Play Store!

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