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Android 2.1 Review

Now if you think it’s anything serious and Verizon announced the official Android Update 2.1 for am 18 de Marzo with OTA. In a statement on its website and a list of the improvements implemented in the update gives the starting signal.

The terminals receive firmware is ESE53 which is what was leaked some weeks ago and saw it as the animated wallpapers.

The improvements that are included in the road upgrade to Motorola Android Droid 2.1 are:

  • Speech recognition, the device is able to transcribe what you dictate and improvements on the virtual keyboard.
  • New multimedia gallery we’ve seen in the Nexus One
  • What is called multitouch browser, Google Maps and the new multimedia gallery
  • New weather and news widget also known as the Nexus One
  • Improvements in Google Maps like to synchronize with the Desktop search, personalized tips with the top searches and night mode for driving.
  • Improved application of music in a new tab at the top of the device for better navigation.
  • Integrate Google Goggles
  • Several security enhancements, optimization for Yahoo email and improvements in battery life.
  • Wallpapers lively and interactive.

Hopefully this is the beginning of all updates Android 2.1 in all terminals.

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