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How to Change The Default Browser on Android with Opera Mini 5

If you’re mine, they prefer to use Opera Mini in May instead of the default browser of Android this article may interest you.

1 .- Install Opera Bridge

2 .- Look for a link in any of the applications you have installed.

3 .- You will see gives you option to open the browser (official) Bridge or Opera. Before doing anything, stop marked “Use default” and now, click on Bridge Opera

You got it, every time you click a link and when you come from a link from any Twitter API will open Opera Mini.

Top 10 Android Applications

They are the ones I like myself but can not be the best.

  1. SayMyName Dessert. It tells you who’s calling without looking at the phone. While playing the tone tells you the name of the contact. (Free)
  2. Web Sharing. Turn your Android on a Web server. You can access all your folders from your PC via WiFi. There is a Lite version (Free / $ 2.99)
  3. FileGo. Free File Manager. Fast and fluid. Astro alternative without cost (free)
  4. Barcode Scanner. QR codes Capture program and will seek them in the Market. Also read any type of barcode. (Free)
  5. Twicca. Client for Twitter. I like it because is very clear. And I know there are many more, but I liked the most. (Free)
  6. APNDroid. Disable your APN for not using the 3G and save battery life and do more spending than necessary. (Free)
  7. Opera Mini. Web browser much faster than is standard. (Free)
  8. Advanced Task Manager. Close all that you left open and that will consume the battery. Especially useful Widget in a single click closes all background applications. There is a free version and a more complete payment (Free / $ 0’99)
  9. Battery Indicator. Tells you the exact percentage of battery you have left available. (Free)
  10. Beautiful Widgets. Add to your desk all sorts of useful information like the clock and the temperature where you are. (1’49 €)
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