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Megaupload and Rapidshare Manager on Android

Nothing is more convenient for those who had on Megaupload or Rapidshare premium account of a program that allows you to download your link directly on the sd device.

The small program allows you to manually enter the links to Megaupload or Rapidshare or paste them directly from the clipboard, smartphone, or other copying from the browser.

The new version supports the download for those who do not have the premium account of one of the hosting, enjoy!

PayPal payment platform for the Android Market and the AppStore

In the coming months, PayPal will become a form of payment in Elandra Market, good news for Google Checkout is a payment system widely used in some countries, while PayPal has become very popular thanks to eBay. The bad news is that Spain seems to take longer to arrive, as ours is seen as one of the first countries which implemented the new service.

On the other hand, the most surprising about this news is that Apple apparently would not mind that PayPal could enter the market of the AppStore and offer customers another way to buy applications.

This option is expected to appear in summer and is available both on the AppStore for iPod, iPhone and IPAD.

Review Firefox for Android

If you are a lover of the Firefox browser and its own Android phone, there is some good news for you: get Firefox to Android. In fact, if you have Android 2.0 or later and OpenGL 2.0 supports you can give a pre-alpha version of Firefox to Android (codenamed Fennec) a test drive. The announcement came from Vladimir Vukicevic’s blog, a developer of the Mozilla Corporation Firefox.

You can download Firefox for Android at Android Market on your Android phone.

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