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Free Download BBM for Nokia Lumia from Windows Phone Store

Blackberry Messenger, also known as BBM for Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone only 8.x devices already, but still available in the Windows Phone Store to the public in Beta version. And is that as we announced last week, the company has decided to release this beta, which has the main features of the application such as BBM Chats, BBM Groups Friends and Find.

In chats one-on-one Nokia Lumia BBM can attach a camera picture, add a voice memo, send a contact, share a photo from our gallery or send our location. The chats also includes notices “D” and “R” that allow us to know when they arrive and are read messages. In Groups chat we can add up to 50 members, as WhatsApp, well function is also invluye Find Friends, with which we can know who uses the application or invite who does not.

BBM for Nokia Lumia – Features:

  • BBM Chats: Chats The page is your one stop destination for all your chats, including groups, with several people and one-on-one. In a chat, you have lots of ways to share. You can attach a camera picture, add a voice memo, send a contact, share a photo from your gallery or send your location. Chats notifications also include “D” and “R” that let users know when delivered and read messages.
  • BBM Groups: With BBM Groups up to 50 people can add to the conversation. Chat, share photos and calendars with even more friends.
  • Find Friends: See people you know who are also using BBM and invite your BBM contact list from within the app. With the ability to easily share your PIN with your friends and family, the connection is easier than ever. BBM Engl├ęs: allows you to see what is happening with your BBM contacts. Here you will see when contacts update their status or profile picture. If you want to talk about one of their updates, simply tap on your behalf and you will be taken to a chat. Here you can also quickly update your own status to share what you’re doing or what’s on your mind.
  • Pin to start: Pin BBM groups and chats to the home screen for easy access to major chats

BBM for Nokia Lumia is available free on Windows Phone Store.

New Firmware Update for Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL

Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL are starting to get a firmware update that will bring your version 1.2 and incorporates some of the features that we see in the Nokia X2. This is the promised update that Microsoft announced Mobile.

The updated Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL has only begun a few hours, so I still will take to get to users, they can always check if the update is available for your device Settings and System Upgrades.

Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL firmware v1.2 – What’s New

  • Easier to use with the new application switcher – switch easily between open applications or close apps with a single touch.
  • Instant access to your email, calendar and notes with Outlook.com and OneNote.
  • Nokia Store updated – new design to help you find content more easily, and better integration with third-party stores.
  • New scrollable widgets, reject a call with a message, the contact search on the scoreboard, autoloading OneDrive, and support the local calendar.
  • Improvements in overall performance and usability.

The oddest thing about this update and other updates that can receive the Nokia X2, is not going to give much life to this series of smartphones with a hybrid of Android, since, as previously announced, Microsoft Mobile stops making all device other than Windows Phone. It can be said without too truthfully, this Nokia X series stillborn.

New Firmware update for Nokia Lumia 630 v.14235

The new Nokia Lumia 630, the first smartphone that arrived in Spain with Windows Phone 8.1, has just received a new update of the software platform, OS Build 8.10.12359.845 (the same version of the first Developer Preview), while it has also upgraded its firmware to version 01061.00066.14235.36xxx (the last three digits will vary depending on the model).

The new Nokia Lumia 630 firmware brings many improvements and connectivity, battery monitoring, performance and ease of use, plus some bug fixes, as that was during a call.

Nokia Lumia 630 firmware version 14235 – News:

  • The fixes for the problem of intermittent sound during call
  • Connectivity Enhancements
  • Improved control of the battery level
  • Usability Migliorameti, such as those related to the settlement for calls on your calendar that do not show the correct date
  • Improved performance and usability

To check if this update has come to your Nokia Lumia 630 can go to Settings> Phone Update and click on “check for updates”. Be sure that you have at least 1.5GB of free space available and at least 50% of the battery.

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