tXtBlocker for Blackberry and Android: Application to Block the SMS while Driving

The blocking service texting while driving is being called tXtBlocker, thanks to the amount of legal action being taken thereon in the United States will go on sale at Best Buy next month of October, so that accessible to almost everyone.

This service will be offered initially for Android and BlackBerry smartphones, and announced that by 2011 will be available for iPhone users (much needed given the number of users that are registered in the U.S. iPhone).

A study by the Texas Univercidad has been analyzing data on traffic fatalities reported from the use of mobile phones, and concluded that texting while driving has claimed at least 16,141 lives in the U.S. alone during the period between 2001 and 2007. A fact not less if we take into account that in 1999 the average mobile phone users was 1 / 3 of the total U.S. population, while that figure rose to 91% by 2008, and the number continues to rise, as many people have more than one mobile phone each. It is precisely why the laws have become increasingly specific about the use of mobile phones while driving, and accessories such as tXtBlocker can help remove once and for all this bad habit.

Those not familiar with the service, we summarize that this is a total phone blocker, which only allows calls to a “safe” list pre-configured to ourselves and the 911-in case we need the number of accidents emergencies and family members or close friends, but nothing else. All other numbers will be blocked both to make calls, send and receive them or SMS. In exchange sends an automatic message saying who try to contact us we can not answered by driving, and that the contact as it arrives at destination.