Synchronize Contacts and Calendar on iPhone and Blackberry

Just wanted to update sharing something I think most useful for you. It is very easily configured to synchronize your contacts and calendar. I use Google as a central platform of what I tell you. If you have not tried it, I strongly recommend it … at least, is a way to have all the information in the “cloud”, accessible anytime and anywhere.

If you use Outlook and now you want to try this system, I leave the instructions to import the contacts into Google:

1. Export contacts from Outlook to Google Gmail (read:
From there, I like to have the same information (contacts and calendar) on the iPhone I use as a personal phone, work on the blackberry and my laptop (Thunderbird).

Synchronize contacts and Google Calendar with iPhone and Blackberry is very simple, just follow these instructions:

2. Synchronize contacts and google calendar with iPhone (read:

3. Sync google contacts and calendar with Blackberry: Enter the following web address into the browser on your Blackberry to download the synchronization application, run it and follow the instructions:

If all went well, you have perfect sync your contacts and calendar between Google, iPhone and Blackberry. Any data you add or modify any of them will be reflected in the rest.

4. Since we only set up synchronization with your laptop:

If you use Microsoft Outlook as a mail manager, contacts and calendar: You must download Google Apps Sync (I use Mozilla, Thunderbird, so I have not tested this).
If you use Thunderbird, you must download and install the following extensions (Tools -> Accessories -> Install): gContactSync

You already have a spotless synchronization between Google Contacts / Calendar, Outlook or Thunderbird, iPhone and Blackberry. I have not given too much detail in the instructions, because this is quite simple.