Download iPad Game: The Settlers

Gameloft has released a version of the popular video game The Settlers for Apple IPAD. The saga began in 1993 in the hands of the German Blue Byte for PC and Amiga, and since then has had six new deliveries. This is a series of strategy games, in the style of Age of Empires where we manage the resources of our community while we defend and attack our opponents or trade with other settlements.

In The Settlers we can control various historical civilizations like the Romans, Vikings and Mayans. We will have dozens of different buildings and we have to make our neighborhood better little by little. The decisions we make regarding their management and protection will be decisive for the fate of our settlement.

As you can see in the video below, the game features a graphic part casual and colorful style, but with the ability to view on screen scores of units simultaneously. The control has been improved to fit the IPAD touch interface, which seems particularly suitable for games of this style.