Install Android on iPhone with iPhoDroid

Android on your iPhone in one click “is the motto of iPhoDroid, a program that will transfer all the files needed to run Android on your iPhone and keep the device” safe “with the running IOS.

So if you are fans of iPhone but also are curious to know what features the operating system Android You may wish to visit the website iPhoDroid (although, as always, we are not responsible if you have any problems with your touchscreen.

The program can install and uninstall as many times as they want while the project (using GNU General Public License v2) is new in version 0.6 R13 iPhoDroid 1Shot and video (after the jump) will be seen as having achieved WiFi signal with Android 2.2 Froyo.


  • if you get “”no connection: check usb or ios” try to put all file on drive c
  • or “launcherpro beta expired” just change your PCs date back say a month? or 2 months and it will work

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