Plants vs Zombies for iPhone 3GS

Today I am writing to tell you about one of the iPhone games that I have caught a bit lately: Plants vs. Zombies.

For some reason, on which I have not investigated, your neighborhood is full of zombies and you must protect your home from the assault of these living dead in a very original, with … plants! We will fight the assault of the hordes of zombies with a vast array of vegetables, shrubs, vegetables and strawberries.

At the start of each game screen let you choose a set of “seeds” for use in the game. To be able to plant will need sunlight points, which they’ll be giving as time goes on, but if you plant sunflowers, these will give you a bonus of sunshine to put more plants quickly.

It is a game of strategy rather than action, so you should choose well among the plants (which we’ll be getting to the screens pasandonos) and which keep you, as many of them do not depend only on sunlight, but you can plant them each certain time, or there will also be able to grow plants in specific sites.

We will start with the front yard of your house, then the rear where there is a pool of darkness, fog, on the roof of the house, etc … Each stage with their own types of zombies, the most picturesque.

We will have the help of the crazy neighbor, to give us new tools and new plants in return for collecting coins that go along the game.

A fun game, simple, entertaining, and very easy to play. Quite addictive, you will not stop to have told you over, that certainly saved a surprise ending!

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