BlackBerry Z3 : Android App Compatible?

A few days ago the Canadian company launched in style on your BlackBerry Z3, which, as we well know, is the first BB10 born agreement with Foxconn. Much has been said about this device since, despite having good technical specifications along with the BB OS 10.2.1, is sold at a price slightly less than $ 200. By the time the sale was concentrated only in Indonesia but we have news that soon this device will also be available in Vietnam and India.

Drawn mainly from the price in many users have asked us if we will see him soon in Italy. We hope though, at least for the moment, there are no official statements. What we did not like, and that it was reported by a friend of Indonesia, was the presence of an advertisement that the BlackBerry Z3 defined as “Android Ready”.

Obviously this is not true because the operating system is the BlackBerry 10. Perhaps it is well known as we all would like but it’s still a very prestigious as proprietary operating system that comes from QNX. Rather, even if there is the need to rimarcalo, the BlackBerry Z3 with all BB10 has a Android emulator able to run many of the applications of Google Play. Some of these can already be found in the BlackBerry World thanks to Android porting tools provided by the developers of the BlackBerry while others can download using, among others, a store alternative like Snap.

But this is not what we want to emphasize. What we fear is the message that the BlackBerry does go with a poster that says “Android Ready”. It looks like the BlackBerry OS will be converted to this instead of having one owner. For our part, we assume that this is an isolated case. In fact, in many other billboards BlackBerry Z3 is reported to be “Android App Compatible” which, all agree, is far different. It ‘still advertising to Android and confirming that this is the most popular OS, it is undoubtedly more that say “Android Ready”.

At the time of the official positions taken by the BlackBerry on the photos we share with you are not there. Therefore we are always more inclined to think that this is an isolated case though very serious, since the message is misleading especially for those who, like us, and you do not chew your BlackBerry every day, keeping updated daily on what happens to the Canadian brand. And what do you think ? It is a serious error of marketing the BlackBerry ?