Windows Phone 8 Update 3 Officially Launched by Microsoft

Microsoft has just announced the anticipated third update Windows Phone 8, version 8.0.10512, also known by GDR3, which will receive the current Windows Phone 8 devices progressively over the coming months, before 2014. In addition, it has also announced Windows Phone Preview program, which will allow developers to access the new operating system to test their applications.

It was a sensational update if we have expected adimitir this third update of Windows Phone 8 brings some very interesting new features such as support for larger screens, more Live Tiles, a new way of driving, better accessibility, close individual applications in the multitasking menu, lock the screen orientation and assign custom tones for text messages from each contact, among other improvements.Current devices equipped with Windows Phone 8 will update progressively over the coming months. Microsoft also announced the immediate release of the Windows Phone Preview, which allows developers to access the new operating system to test their applications on it.

New Features of Windows Phone v.8.0.10512 (GDR3) for Nokia Lumia include:

Support for larger screen resolutions – The new update opens the door to future Windows Phone devices with much larger screens, 5 and 6 inches. Harnessing HD 1080p resolution on these devices that Windows Phone will be even more personal, with room for more tiles that allow the user quick access to everything that interests you. A larger home screen offers the possibility of further anchor people, files and apps. Moreover, integrated Hubs applications, such as email, photos, people, music and videos will also exploit the full potential of the six-inch screens.

More Powerful Hardware – The third update will add support for quad-core processor Qualcomm 8974. The additional power provided by this chip will make it even more fluid experience using Windows.

Driving Mode – A new feature, called “driving mode” on Windows Phone 8 for Nokia Lumia comes with the update. This functionality is intended to minimize distractions when navigating between two points. Driving mode is designed to get the maximum performance and power, for example, use it when connected to a Bluetooth headset. Driving Mode limits the notifications on the lock screen, including messages, calls and other alerts allowing its use much safer. The new functionality even can be configured to send automatic replies to people who call or write messages to ensure safety at all times behind the wheel.

Accessibility features – The update also adds innovative new accessibility features to Windows 8. This is not a unique feature, but a set of applications designed to make it easier to use Windows Phone to visually impaired people. Among the tools included is a screen reader that allows blind people manage calls and contacts, send messages and emails, browse the Internet, make calls and hear Skype and Lync special notifications as alarms, calendar of events and low battery warnings.

Connection Sharing – The ability to convert any Windows Phone 8 in an access point to share the internet connection already available but, with the new update incorporates interesting innovations that simplify its use. Now just one match for Bluetooth Windows Phone and any device equipped with Windows 8.1 to enjoy the new features. From that moment, it is only necessary to choose the Wi – Fi provided by the phone to connect to it without removing the phone from his pocket, automatically activating share function on the phone without having to enter a password.

Other new – Besides hundreds of improvements and performance tweaks, Update 3 also adds many small features extremely useful, many of them based on the requests of the users through the suggestion box of Windows Phone.

Tones: Update 3 allows you to use custom ringtones for different aspects, including instant messages, emails, voicemails and reminders. You can also assign custom ringtones to different contacts for text messages.

Rotation Lock: Lets keep the screen automatically rotate to tilt the terminal, facilitating their use in any position.

Storage Management: We make it easy free up phone memory and manage temporary files. A new category view shows which occupies the space at a glance.

Closing applications: the screen that makes it possible to switch between applications, can now also close any of them with a simple touch.

Wi-Fi: The new update makes setting up the Wi – Fi only release a new smartphone. Thus not consume mobile data to insert user credentials and load all settings and files.

Improved Bluetooth: With Update 3 is available new possibilities for connecting accessories to your phone via Bluetooth.

Program Preview for Windows Phone developers, Starting tomorrow starts the Windows Phone Developer Preview, designed to ensure the smooth running of the applications available in the store with the new Windows Phone updates. Registered developers interested in accessing new tools can download Windows Phone 8 Update 3 for evaluation. This will need to have a Dev Center account, an account of App Studio or a dev- unlocked terminal. And now, what do you miss still in Windows Phone 8 ?