Unreal Engine 3 on the iPod touch and iPhone 3GS

If they thought they knew the games so far for the iPhone or iPod touch as the Shift or NOVA NFS were excellent in the aspect graph, wait until mid or late next year when the UDK (Unreal Development Kit) version of Unreal implement Engine for these.

And is that Epic Games has achieved something that many never had imagined, the Unreal Engine 3 running on a 3rd-generation iPod touch in the show is an environment with changes in levels of graphics but running smoothly.

Epic Games said he is not in their plans to enter the gaming market for the iPhone / iPod if it is one internal company project.

The game engine requires OpenGL 2.0, which is only compatible with the third generation iPod Touch and iPhone 3G. The developer has plans to license Unreal Engine 3, so that eventually there games powered by Unreal Engine.

Wait is all we have left to enjoy these games on our smartphones. Finally you have to emphasize is that if this project would be realized by marking a before and after the development of mobile games, so be it and hopefully soon we can play GOW on the iPhone =)