ROM Updating Utility for Android

One of the most difficult to do for us smartphone owners about the Android operating system upgrade. The difficulty may be related, because after the first time we update the ROM (which also happens with some anxiety, at least in my case) then we will do it quietly.

The operation, however, becomes complex since in addition to the official Rom we have to choose whether to install custom ROM. They sometimes even say, well almost always, they are even better than the original ROM. In fact, the first things that eliminate custom ROM, cover the original software that puts the phone manufacturer. In addition, most of the time the custom ROM provide for the release of the root, and this gives you the chance to do some operations with some important applications: for example Titanium Backup that works only as root, and Quickboot that allows access to the mode and fastboot recovery just clicking a button.

We have seen the reasons for which a ROM upgrade, let’s see what tools we can use: through the popular XDA forum comes a new utility called Elegos ROM Updater. Among the features: Backup Rom, access to recovery mode, control of the rom update in question and more. The app is available free on Android Market.