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Blackberry Messenger for iPhone Now Available on the App Store

After filtration on Android, appear and disappear from the App Store and a thousand and one more delays, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) for iPhone “finally” has come to the App Store, and it seems that this time is to stay. Although it is not gold that reduces… And after the problems they had with the massive influx of users and the consequent saturation of servers, for now only accessible by waiting list.

So after downloading the application on your device, you will have to enter your email and hope that you get the invitation of use. Just do not expect anything to be instant unless you had been previously registered on its website.

We recall that BBM is a messaging application that until recently was unique to BlackBerry devices that work with PIN codes instead of phone numbers. Even without having been proven, we know that it can send and receive files, use emoticons or chat own group, among other options tĂ­tpicas of these programs. In our Blackberry application comes too late to compete with the almighty WhatsApp, but in this world of apps you never know.

Any lucky in the room which was able to try it? Before we say, before we let into the application. This afternoon we entered the waiting list and checking already left us. Now we just need to have someone to try.

Free Download Samsung Chaton Client for BlackBerry

As promised since its initial launch, the messaging application platform Samsung Chaton already has a BlackBerry client available directly on the site, although at present only supports the Torch 9800 (expected to soon be more compatible devices).

With the release of version for smartphones from RIM, we have confirmation that Samsung wants an application to compete on equal terms with BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp, backed by a company as important as the Korean and native applications for Bada, Android and IOS.

Chaton allows us to send text messages for free with any of our contacts who also use the application regardless of the platform they use, in addition to the advantage of having a desktop client with an interface accessible from any web browser.

They also confirmed that in a few weeks will be releasing version for Windows Phone Chaton, so eventually would be coming to all major mobile platforms at the time, adding extra value to your application which now has much wider application.

Free Download SugarSync for BlackBerry

SugarSync on appworld excellent application for the management and synchronization between PC, Mac and the BlackBerry device, the application also supports Apple devices, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

The free space on the portal are 5 gigabytes is not enough and if you can buy additional space with the annual subscription ($ 49.99 for the 30 Gb to 500 Gb for $ 399.99) is purchased by credit card or with PayPal.

At first glance shows a graphic clean, tidy and a good selection of icons to identify functions. The first step is to download the app on the device and then install from the site software for PC or Mac

Launching the application from PC (displayed on the browser) you can choose which folders to be included in the synchronization and beyond the usual (documents, images and videos) appreciates the opportunity to add other folders, freeing the user from the constraints on the location of files .

Performed tests of change, re-naming and deletion of some test files. The result was excellent and there are been no problems. Among the options could not miss sharing on Twitter, Facebook, via e-mail and contacts. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL or SugarSync Contacts, to do this we must make the public file and then you can share.

Very useful feature built-in camera to take a picture and sync immediately. Among the options on the device is its ability to protect access via a “security Pin”, a very well structured online help that allows us to learn all the steps to follow for any operation to be performed, a video example and the possibility of using the SD card and / or internet connection for synchronizing.

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