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Snap Easy Install Android Apps on BlackBerry 10.2.1

Good news arrives for BlackBerry users, especially those who have decided to test the latest BlackBerry filtered version This new version not yet official, comes with many versions in a matter of functionality and performance, but that lets you run Android apps with a new more powerful runtime and beyond can even install it directly from Android applications APK files (format Android) without having to convert BAR (BlackBerry format). But to further facilitate the task has reached the application developer Snap Flip Sush to BlackBerry 10.

Snap is an application created under the same API APK Downloader and helps us find applications Andorid APK format even directly from Google Play, though of course not be able to get payment applications with this tool.

The application is not official, so they have to do load through sideload process which we have shown in our forums to load a game emulator or any other application on a BlackBerry 10 BAR format.

At the moment it seems that the app is over saturated downloads, but the developer is working on an update that allows to use your own ID for downloading Android applications.

Path not Available for BlackBerry 10

Path application is that it is a discreet slowly enjoying success among the various social network availability. Designed and developed in California in 2010, is a kind of social network unlike Path. If it gave a sort of Twitter – but with limited connections 150 people – to stay in touch with friend and share the most important people with parrot ‘s life rather than just links. Path allows you to have full control of your what we share and with whom, thanks to its ease of use. Could be connected with “sun” 150 personae, Path if you have social network dedicated to the family eats where to stay close contact with friends and familiar.

Path also allows the sending of multiple post Their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare. When Path is available for iPhone and Android smartphones is also in the days that seemed to be coming past one version for BlackBerry 10. There has Thought the press office of Path to clarify how the voices its a possible version for BlackBerry Cortesiano unfounded given that for at least currently there is no intention to develop one version for BB10.

Beyond the fact of for sure that this application will not feel the lack gave a platform, however, we are sorry to see that the BB10 comes not appreciated for what it really is and for what it can give you. We believe that BlackBerry face pleasure Path count between applications own the store as their own Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Reasons to Use BBM on iPhone and Reason Don’t Install BBM for iPhone

After the arrival of BBM to Android and iOS, it’s time to assess whether it is worth using or not. We give three reasons for doing so, and another 3 to do so. In any case, as a good early- adopter, I recommend at least try. What was to be a triumphant arrival home from enemy placid eventually became a nightmare. I speak of BBM, which landed on Google Play and App Store almost simultaneously scheduled for a weekend was postponed by force by the amount of. Apk filtered and the amount of dupes who used them. In a more discreet took place long after the promised arrival. And even then it was not the same, BBM managed to reach the top of the stores ( which is no guarantee of anything, by the way). After the sublime BBM and WhatsApp analysis by my colleague JJ Velasco, is time to analyze the reasons for using BBM, and reasons to continue as before without installing.

Why we have to Use BBM on iPhone or Android:

It is extremely safe. We are used to circulate our conversations on platforms such as, especially, WhatsApp. And not a good idea. Your safety is rather weak. Above all a bad idea to have conversations with sensitive information, or even talk to transmit her bank details, passwords or labor. You know, anyone can read your talks WhatsApp. Instead, BBM is the platform used by global leaders to avoid being spied on. During the riots in London in 2011, the authorities could not intercept communications between organizers used as BBM.

Avoid spam, you just talk anyone. WhatsApp As we can locate through our phone number, it’s easy for him to receive spam. Any business, database, etc.. you have our number can ( and does) send promotions, information, etc.. BBM uses PIN, a unique identifier delivered by himself, which makes us speak only who have our PIN (tip : it is good idea to publicly handing our PIN ) and we accept your invitation. It also protects us from potential stalkers who have got our number. As a bonus, it shows the last time you connected. Responds want avoiding blame.

BBM performance is perfect. It works perfect: agile, without crashes, no load times. BBM was important to get in good shape to App Store and Google Play for the first impression to be as positive as possible. Had it come in worse shape, would be doomed to many.

Reasons for not using BBM

BBM have no desktop application. It was perhaps the best shot I could show in relation to WhatsApp, as at the time did Line. A desktop application to a messaging application is extremely useful to speed up time, not to lose productivity, communicate more quickly. Stop the workflow to respond to a message is much faster if done from the computer itself that changing device. It would have been nice to bring BBM desktop client.

No BBM for Windows Phone. BlackBerry is logical that that is (yet? ) Rival to storm the third place in mobile platforms. Although this seems utopian and seeing trends either. But leave out the service to the growing Windows Phone users who can not communicate with us via BBM.

Comes with less functionality than the competition. Skype, Viber, WeChat, Line. applications that can be better or worse in some areas than BBM, have more features. I do not support an application saturate Line style and simplicity to lose my beloved, but somewhat strange, such as videoconferencing. Fill the application of stickers and extensions that could be considered crapware, I leave to your choice.

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