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Change Your Blackberry Font with ChangeFont

Fabian Heuwieser has created a free application called ChangeFont, which will be one of my frequently used applications by some because it is a great idea for an application, you can quickly change the font of a screen on your BlackBerry, you can use for example, when  draft an email and want to read more of the characters on the screen or if the device is going to lend it to someone who needs a major source through this application no longer has to go to options and then the screen / keyboard settings to change this.

Some details:
You have the icon in the menu proncipal (Mainscreen) called ChangeFont and when clicked you can select the font type from small, medium or large, clicking changes the font of the fields on the screen is a button also selection to restore the source to the original source.

Download ChangeFont

Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac v1.0 build 75

A (not so) good news for all Mac users and addicts Blackberry: Interwebz leaked by the not yet released BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac v1.0 build 75.

Here at we will give you a Gadgeteros reviewed to see what surprises are in it.


The usual and simple installer

There is a Drag-and-drop, this program (. Mpkg) needs to slip a bit in the system and linked to the transmission timings of OSX, but the process is as simple as is almost everything on this platform. Read more

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