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BBM for Nokia Lumia Available this Summer

BBM for Nokia Lumia is getting closer to reach users of Nokia Lumia series. Although no specific date for its release from BlackBerry has already announced it will be during the second quarter.

So before the summer we should see the official launch of BBM for Nokia Lumia, which also come preinstalled on some new models in the same series, as happens with all the Nokia X range recently rolled out.

Provided sure many users Nokia Lumia long waiting, and every day seems to go climbing positions in the market compared to other services. Still far from the numbers of the largest as WhatsApp, has now announced that they have reached the 113 million registered users, 85 million active users monthly users.

The launch of BBM for Nokia Lumia is a sign that the service wants to expand to more users, and between both companies future plans that might be interesting for the end user

BitTorrent Sync for Nokia Lumia available in Windows Phone Store

BitTorrent Sync for Nokia Lumia, only Windows Phone 8 devices, now available, and for free, on the Windows Phone Store. With BitTorrent Sync we can synchronize and share an unlimited number of files and folders across all your devices connected to a local network or even the Internet between remote devices, all safely through the P2P distributed network technology. With BitTorrent Sync for Nokia Lumia no matter the size of the file, photo or PDF to share, since no size limits, can synchronize GB you want. File transfers are encrypted and protected by secure passwords, and never alamcenarán on a server in the cloud.

BitTorrent BitTorrent Sync allows you to synchronize and share an unlimited number of files and folders across all your devices confidence. No file photo, PDF is too big or small, Sync can handle any size and no limits. GB Synchronize all you want and maximize storage.BitTorrent Sync for Windows Phone allows you to access all synchronized folders when you travel.

Features of BitTorrent Sync for Nokia Lumia:

  • Access to sync all folders and files from your Windows Phone device.
  • Add photos from your Windows Phone device to any folder synchronization.
  • Back up your photos automatically Lacámara to a folder on your computer.
  • File transfers are encrypted and protected by secure keys.
  • Your information is never stored on a server in the cloud.
  • Connecting the Sync application to sync other folders is as easy as taking a picture of a QR code with the camera.

For the best performance and avoid running out of data connection to sync your mobile device, it is recommended to leave the “Mobile data usage” OFF.

Note that BitTorrent Sync is a synchronization application personal files. Not compatible with torrent sharing applications and similar files as Box and Dropbox.

BitTorrent Sync for Nokia Lumia  is available for free on Windows Phone Store.

iTranslate for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone available in Store

iTranslate for Nokia Lumia, a Windows Phone 8 devices, is an excellent translator who can find in the Windows Phone Store in a “free”, but to translate without limits and advertising have to pay 4.49 euros for the PRO version, which makes us appreciate even many more other excellent translator, Bing Translate, this one, for free.

iTranslate for Nokia Lumia has more than 80 languages, ability to listen to translations, dictionaries, favorites, historical, faster text entry with recommendations as we write, and the ability to send translations to friends via email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter.

iTranslate for Nokia Lumia is available free on Windows Phone Store. Also available for Windows 8 from here.

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