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Download The Most Nokia Popular Ringtone

The sound is recognized throughout the world is just the start of Nokia, the one that sounds when we turn on the phone, and probably many do not know, is taken from a classical piece called “Gran Vals” composed by Spanish musician Francisco Tárrega composed in 1902. In 1993 Nokia acquired the Gran Vals to make this particular part of the melody and record it as his trademark start their computers. It is then the world’s most popular ringtone, since the number of units sold is estimated that sounds about 1.8 billion times a day around the world, being then the piece of song and the most popular ringtone ever.

This acquisition will effectively put into the market with the Nokia 2110 in 1994, a Waltz Part a monophonic ringtone and Nokia 8110i in 1997 became the first phone to allow downloading of ringtones, from then on feature sounds was improving slowly, until in 2001 it introduced the Nokia 7650 phone with the first option to play polyphonic ringtones.

Nokia’s story does not end with music with this acquisition and enforcement of the ringtone, but also has managed to become the largest manufacturer-worldwide-in the industry of digital music players and radios digitized.

For the year 2005 was presented one of the models more “luxury” (at least so far), the Nokia 8800 that was characterized by an aesthetically stainless steel finish, counted among its features the ability to become a digital music player for its compatibility with mp3 files. and AAC. addition to the tones that are particularly evident in this phone were specially composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto, a famous Japanese composer and actor even has an Oscar under her belt by the composition of the soundtrack of the film The Last Emperor.

Later released version also known as Nokia 8800D Sciroco Edition, including ringtones composed by Brian Eno, while in the same year he launched the Nokia N91 with 4GB of internal memory which is touted as being capable of storing up to 3000 songs. Such was the success of this promotion that ends the first phone featuring the now famous line XpressMusic, nothing less than the Nokia 3250, capable of supporting all types of audio formats, which also had a library specially designed to store music and had its own equalization system.

In 2006, progress continued in the musical field through the impetus given by the N Series and the enlargement of the XpressMusic family, the much hyped Comes With Music that was made official in 2008 which still stands despite the doubts and of the changes that occurred in the gallery music downloads would soon be called Nokia Ovi Music Store Music.

We will then include 21 countries with the famous music service from Nokia Music Store despite XpressMusic line has disappeared as such, the N series, X and E are continuing strong with sound standards and Nokia always discharge has had.

Tutorial How to Download App from Nokia Ovi Store

We know that it is increasingly difficult to find applications in a world of apps and thousands of different options. So it is interesting that from the official blog Daily App Nokia Ovi announced the launch of tutorials for Nokia applications.

This new section of the website (you can see the Tutorials tab on the top bar) will bring together interactive tutorials to explain how the different applications that will be added. For now, the tutorials shown are only applications for Nokia N97 Mini but it plans to add other Nokia devices in the future. Read more

Nokia used to deal with Apple FaceBook

Nokia signed an agreement with Facebook so that users can update their mobile phones directly from their terminals in their social network profile in a bid to combat the hegemony of the Apple iPhone in the smart phone market.

The Finnish firm also launched its new X3 and X6 devices whose price varies between 450 and 115 euros, will hit the market just in time for the holiday season and will allow playback of music and songs in the purchase of Nokia’s online store . Read more

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